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West Warwick, RI
reply to SoonerAl

Re: Uptick in SPAM emails

Have you used the email address to register for anything online recently? And the stuff being marked by spam, is it new email your getting? Or is it just newly being marked as spam? If you have it set to delete spam, anything you seeing in your Outlook folder is stuff you Outlook filter is catching.

Norman, OK

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Spam email properties
No, we are very very careful to who gets our real Cox email address versus using a Gmail or address when I order online.

FWIW the screen shot show the properties of one of the emails. All are reported as spam to Cox via the webmail interface. I presume the headers may provide a clue for Cox to be able to catch and filter these over time. The bottom line is Outlook is doing its job, ie. sending these to the Junk folder, but the Cox spam filter is not, ie. its letting these through to my inbox on the Cox server.

Right now its more of an irritant simply because we have gone a long long time without any spam.