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East York, ON
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reply to TSI Andre

Re: TekSavvy: Please Post, "TS has discontinued the portin

said by TSI Andre:

For sure... Customers should not wait on us if POTS is their only desire... We have been very clear about that... I was simply correcting the OP's statement that it's been discontinued permanently.

We still have TekTalk available as a solution...

In reality, the margins on POTS are very slim, that is if we want to keep our pricing competitive, which is why there isn't a huge rush to to change priorities to getting it back to all types of transfers.



This is why I have said many times... is there any point to continue offering the service? The issue is with your TEKTALK service is your DID provider doesn't cover all areas, like some others.. That could be fixed by adding a 2nd DID provider,for TEKTALK like Iristel.

TSI reselling pots for only non-bell transfers or new, makes the service pointless, as MOST people are wanting to move from bell to a cheaper option. If you can't offer this due to profit it really has become a pointless service. I feel as I know many do on here it's time to either provide the service fully, or just tell everyone you aren't offering it any more. At this point, most have moved on anyhow.

I just find it ridiculous that this has dragged on this long, and the fact no one at TSI will just take a stand and say they are NOT OFFERING IT... Period, instead leaving hope that you will.. This has made this issue much worst in the eyes of some customers who have been purposely holding off in hopes they can get your POTS service.

I personally would rather see TSI offer a iptv service or simply resell Zazeen's service, than waste time and "little profits" on Bell POTS at this point.

I'm not here to give you a hard time Andre, but transparency and honesty is something that TSI has been made famous on and really has been lacking lately, which is why we are seeing this growing amount of negativity towards some actions/inactions TSI has made.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
said by koreyb:

... no one at TSI will just take a stand and say they are NOT OFFERING IT...

Well, the problem is that we *are* offering it. That's why we dont say that. We have new signups every day.

Its annoying that some people can't signup up for it with no valid technical reason for it for sure though. When we went down this path the limitations weren't a problem but over time it became a problem...
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy


Fremont, OH
if you are offering the transfers then why do people say that its only available for certain transfers? Why don't you take the few minutes and outline what these certain transfers are? And there is always a technical reason, just one not given. Instead of just saying we are allowing it? And if the POTS is only a few bucks profit for each customer why keep offering it and now move to something more profitable???? Like someone else said- if DIDs are a problem, obtain another provider.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to koreyb
Iristel sure doesn't cover a lot of areas either.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
reply to TBBroadband
We do have a plan to gradually allow some Bell signups but it will require some back office automation that we just haven't been able to get back to since the current setup was put in place. You guys need to remember that this is all done under a commercial agreement... We have to play by their rules.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy

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reply to koreyb
said by koreyb:

....The issue with your TEKTALK service is your DID provider doesn't cover all areas, like some others.

That could be fixed by adding a 2nd DID provider for TEKTALK, [such as] Iristel....


Eastern Ontario is sadly neglected in coverage by TekTalk, for the precise reason which you stated above.

If I had waited for TSI to add another CLEC since the launch of TekTalk (1.5 years ago ?), I would still be waiting now.

In the meantime, I have set up accounts with 2 other VoIPPs who DO cover this area, one of whom uses Iristel as a CLEC near me, and the other one uses Fibernetics to service this area, and have ported my Bell landline number over to one of them.

TekTalk does need to catch up.

Their CLEC partner called 'ISP Telecom' (IIRC) simply is not enough, especially if TSI may be openly trying to steer folks to VoIP service rather than to POTS.