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Fremont, OH
reply to TSI Marc

Re: TekSavvy: Please Post, "TS has discontinued the portin

if you are offering the transfers then why do people say that its only available for certain transfers? Why don't you take the few minutes and outline what these certain transfers are? And there is always a technical reason, just one not given. Instead of just saying we are allowing it? And if the POTS is only a few bucks profit for each customer why keep offering it and now move to something more profitable???? Like someone else said- if DIDs are a problem, obtain another provider.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON
We do have a plan to gradually allow some Bell signups but it will require some back office automation that we just haven't been able to get back to since the current setup was put in place. You guys need to remember that this is all done under a commercial agreement... We have to play by their rules.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy