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reply to veryfat

Re: [XPPro] Ctrl Alt Del not bringing up Task Manager Window.

Hello all,

Thanks for all your replies. A polite and respectful reminder: From the opening post I mentioned "TheJoker" had suggested a reference be made to the work that had been done already to help anyone offering me help in this forum.

"joepwpb": Windows Repair (All in One); already tried (see above polite and respectful reminder). Re-Enable Task Manager: This did not work.

"dave" (1st post): (see above polite and respectful reminder); but the answer is that that does work.

"dandelion": I was not referring to any logon action, but I thank-you for the suggested link.

"art22gg": On this computer, with the current configuration, the Task Manager window does not appear when pressing Ctrl/Alt/Del.

"dave" (2nd post): This is not anything to do with logging on (see polite and respectful reminder). Regarding ctrl+shift+esc (see polite and respectful reminder), but in short, that does work.

Thank-you all again and I await any further ideas Take care.

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said by veryfat:

This is not anything to do with logging on (see polite and respectful reminder).

A possible clarification: ctrl+alt+del is handled by winlogon. The two different things that winlogon might do are:

1. Just run task manager

2. Give you a 'menu' of things you might choose to do, including
logging off, changing password, running task manager, etc.

Since ctrl+alt+del is handled by winlogon, it's not at all obvious to me that the logon configuration has nothing to do with ctrl+alt+del handling, especially when some of the screens involved in logon configuration mention ctrl+alt+del.

Anyway, that's now irrelevant: see my next post.

Bloom County
reply to veryfat

FWIW - I checked my XP Pro machine that and it brings up the Task Manager as well. I am used to it bringing up the log on/off screen BUT - I have my user set to log in with the password when I click the user. I don't have it set to enter the password when logging in.

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