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·Time Warner Cable

[TWC] Why Socal users are experiencing awful speeds

Had 2 technicians came over and try to figure out the problem Ive been having with my slow internet connection. They couldn't do anything but they told me the reason why i am getting and others in socal are getting terribly slow speeds its because the node we're on its terribly saturated with new costumers/connections. For this to be solved they need to split the node into two.

Sounds like a easy fix right? The tech said thats a huge problem because it cost over 200,000 for that to happen and if TWC has the funds to make that happen it will fix it immediately but if they don't we all have to wait 6 months of this slow awful internet speeds for a fix.

My internet slows down around 4PM to 1AM or 2AM
Here are some line quality test "West Covina CA " Test done 2/7/13 9:PM


Arlington, TX
nodes do not cost $200,000! they cost around $10,000 from what I have been told over in one of the tech forums on the internet.


united state
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Post your signal levels.

That others may surf
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Also realize that nodes only service a few hundred homes at most and SoCal has thousands of nodes to provide service to the millions of customers.

A $200,000 dollar item may be a CMTS, which your node and lots of other connect to. It's there where the splits really need to happen since it's the CMTS port bandwidth that gets overloaded. A node is split so it can connect to more CMTS ports. A node split alone doesn't do much, if the new node is connected to the same ports as the original. A new CMTS installation can take weeks and/or months, between budgeting, design, installation, and moving nodes onto it. A CMTS also isn't installed for a single node overload, it's done to relieve bandwidth congestion on many nodes at once or to get ready for higher speeds or services.
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