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Lexington, MA
reply to rcnman

Re: [TiVo] New Games and App...

said by rcnman:

said by hydrox:

I would rather have gotten 3d channels, or a smarter TiVo Preview, but I am not unhappy with what we have as a whole.

What other functionally do you want from the preview other then when you hit pause it asks if you want to start a in-progress recording and then watch it to have trick play functionality.

I am very happy with the features that have been added to the Preview already. A pause feature would be welcome, and it might address 80 % of my concerns. It doesn't fully address my most common issue - the ability to push back to see what I may have just missed. I think my viewing habits on this Preview TV could lead me to making about 15 un-necessary recordings for the one time when I really want to review. Although recording and fast forwarding may change how I use this TV. Again, any onboard cache (even 5 minutes) is just a wish for a future Preview box.


Chicago, IL
I'm with hyrdox here. If I could ask for anything, it would be an ability to pause...I don't need a 30 minute buffer, but 5 would be nice. I've become so spoiled with my Tivos over the years (owner since 2001) that pausing the TV to chat with someone or using the instant replay button when I couldn't quite hear or understand a piece of dialog have pretty much become a must-have feature to get the most out of my TV watching. However, I am really happy with the recently added functionality to the Preview, and I really appreciate that Tivo/RCN are continuing to work hard to keep enhancing the product. Keep up the good work!