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Belleville, IL
reply to jbob

Re: NID wiring question

yes, the wires have to make connection and the door has to be closed in order for that connection to flow, the test jack is working because it is only a test jack so based on when you posted this I'm guessing it is working

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Little Rock, AR

Finally found a little info once I knew what it was called. A Corning Cable Systems Universal Line Module (ULM). I found some info on this site...»www.hometech.com/hts/products/wi···kit.html

I'm sure there is other info out there now that I know what to look for.

The USP(Universal Station Protector) is on the side of the NID that the customer does not have access to although you can see it. The wires run underneath the module(s) and not visible unless one is pulled. Looks like the customer can replace/pull the Universal Line Module but not the Universal Station Protector.

And according the the link above they also market/make a DSL/POTS splitter in the same module type. »www.hometech.com/hts/products/wi···dsl.html

If you're gonna use DSL/U-verse it pays to do it right! That is if you still got POTS service.