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Hahaha, I see that I can't edit my spelling error. Oops.

As you can see, I posted this from my mobile provider, WIND.CA, not TekSavvy.

My internet connection, from my modem, to Rogers' Rectory St. Facility in London, to Teksavvy, to the Internet, is down. This happened twice in the past 30 days. The previous service failure was due to a broken router, and waiting for Rogers to fix some static(?) routes. I understand how this happens. However, there are many angry customers who want you to get your stuff together and be ready to fight Rogers when you have to. Don't apologize for them, don't say that you're sorry for inconvenience. All third-party ISPs should work together, to make it so that nobody has to apologize for a useless internet connection with broken routing, or some TPIA issues. No end-user should ever have to explain to their family members, friends, or business associates, that their TekSavvy internet connection is down again, and the fault is with Rogers. We pay you, Teksavvy.

Don't make us explain your problems to people who don't care, and simply wish that they could use the Internet connection that they pay for. Please, make your lawyers think about these service interruptions and solve the fundamental problems behind them. Rogers techs are taking too long, static routes take too long to propagate? Solve your problem. Don't make people log onto dslreports and check in with your progress. Third party cable-based Rogers network ISPs are being embarrassed, you're accepting shame that belongs to Rogers. If Rogers does not provide the services that you require, you should put your lawyers to work.

Teksavvy, don't accept blame that should be aimed at Rogers.



London, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
·TekSavvy Cable

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Except that their lawyers can't do anything. The entire third party ISP structure is governed by the CRTC who is appointed by the Federal government.

It Federal government the one you want to have a tussle with over why they've let the telecommunications industry become an oligopoly in Canada.

A judge would throw a case brought against Rogers out since it doesn't belong in the courts when there's a regulatory body already. And saying "we pay you TekSavvy" is just feigning ignorance.

All these people who are allegedly frustrated should be making this an election issue in two years time, or should have in the past. Not just sitting around trying to lay blame.

EDIT: I am current posting from a tethering to my Xperia's LTE connection on Rogers here in London while my cable internet is out. So I too am frustrated by being victim to another outage.
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Yeah, it was pretty late when I posted this and I was being a bit ridiculous with my wording. Seriously, a big truck destroyed a bunch of fibre lines, we can't really chalk this up to a simple routing issue

Plus, again, I didn't mean to make a whole thread about it, just a post in the general "boo hoo, internet's down" thread.

If there really is a pattern of Rogers dragging their feet on repairs, though, Teksavvy and Distributel should prove it and fight Rogers!
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