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canucks fan


[BC] Downgraded to High speed and now Dreadfull results

So 3 weeks ago i downgraded from Xtreme ( 25 down), to High speed (20 down) for a student promotion.

I've been living in the same place, and when i had xtreme i never had any connection troubles. as soon as we switched i get random timings where my connection is almost non existing. It will take 15 mins to load a page. when i go to some websites during the down time, it tries to install random files from the site.

I've tried numerous things on my end:

-Reset router/ reset modem

-Connect straight from modem to computer (bypassing router)

- Reinstalled windows in my machine ( maybe virus was knocking it down).

Still the same problem exists. I contacted them now finally they said they will send someone to come take a look.

But Im curious if anyone else has had similar trouble or issues

Calgary, AB

it tries to install random files from the site.

Virius infection?

Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Calgary, AB
reply to canucks fan
The biggest difference with High Speed 20 and Extreme is the upload speed. If you have uploads going all the time High Speed 20 will saturate the upload quickly. 5 times faster then Extreme. Once the upstream channel is saturated on your QOS the downstream channel will slow greatly.


if websites are randomly trying to download files... that screams virus infection.

Also, some root kits can persist even after a re-install, if you believe it's infected, take it to someone who is familiar with virus removals.