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San Diego, CA

Was there really a Uverse installation outage in Los Angeles

Am I being lied to (again) or was there really some sort of outage in the Los Angeles area that prevented any Uverse installations from being completed?

Last Friday afternoon I was supposed to have Business Uverse service installed at my new location (after AT&T screwed up two prior installation appointments for Uverse and POTS service).

But halfway through the installation appointment time window, after previously calling to say he was on his way, my installer called again to say he wasn't going to do the install because there was a Uverse outage that prevented any installations at that time.

I suspect I'm being lied to by AT&T yet again. I was previously told that Uverse internet, tv and cable at my new business location was no problem, only to later find out it's a major problem and my neighborhood isn't in fact wired for Uverse VDSL or ADSL2+ (and I'll be lucky if I can get 1.5mbps xDSL). AT&T Uverse swears they had no way to know in advance that I'm 13000+ ft from the CO, or that there are no VRADs anywhere in my neighborhood. How this isn't treated as classic bait-and-switch escapes me.

There also was the first install attempt where it was discovered that the xDSL service was provisioned on a different tenant's POTS pair. Then the POTS installer never showed up, and I was later told rescheduling either the missed POTS appointment or the screwed-up Uverse installs would require another 7 day delay (rather than the, still excessive, two day delay I eventually got by complaining).

I strongly suspect that they're just stringing me along until I get pissed off enough to cancel my Internet order completely and thus avoid telling me that they totally screwed up and that contrary to all their promises Internet service, at any speed, just isn't available in my neighborhood.

It's been almost three weeks since my initial query about Uverse Internet service at my new location and I still have no idea what, if any, kind of internet service I can get from AT&T.


Kalamazoo, MI
Yes, There was a UVerse installation outage nationwide on Friday. My technician had one heck of a time setting up my UVerse. He couldn't get ahold of anyone and when he did the outage ended. He was here from 1pm till after 6pm. Everything is great now. Love the TV options. Not to keen on the Internet portion. Connection is very erratic with the speeds.

Belleville, IL
reply to bruceadler
Yes, we were having way too much fun with an outage on Friday. The modem's were getting signal(broadband) but no service so you couldnt do anything. Lasted from about 1p-4p CST it seemed