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reply to resa1983

Re: The New Wireless Code Hearings. Live Stream @ 9-am

Also see:
»PIAC throwing cellphone users under the bus

If the "arms-length CRTC" wants to make some code, fine. But they shouldn't be meddling in the affairs of provincial consumer protection legislation of any province. Be it Manitoba, PEI or Quebec.

PIAC is a sell out.

PIAC in Bed


The CWTA stated that this new code should over-ride and supersede any provincial Consumer Protection regulations.

For example, some provinces has strict Consumer Protection regulations that prevent Bell and Rogers from automatically renewing contracts. This would see this eliminated if PIAC and the CWTA have their way.

People think that's right?



CWTA is stating, more or less, to hell with Quebec Provincial Consumer Protect laws.

Commissioner stated, Quebecor will be bringing more up on Friday.

CWTA wants Anything that touches telecom to follow new code and not Consumer Protection laws.

Commissioner stated, Quebec threatened to withdraw from the fed code in it's entirety if they lessen Quebec Consumer Protection rights.

What have the other Prov's stated? Anything?