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CenturyLink in Corinth/Lake Dallas, Texas Stinks!

I've had nothing but problems from the beginning (Aug 2008). Up/Down/Up/Down, lag, lag, lag... We've had numerous techs out, but no real long term solutions. We've heard rumors of upgraded infrastructure, but haven't seen any changes in our service. When I say we, I'm talking everyone I talk to in my neighborhood (Lake Sharon, Corinth, TX). It's horrible, I didn't know that there were still companies out there that provided such unreliable ISP service. Why I pay for the 12mbps service is beyond me. I guess I figured if I paid for the best service I would get just that.....I was wrong...

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
Is Charter an option there? Charter is available up here in Denton and I have heard its not bad. I have FIOS and its great.


Unfortunately Charter didn't lay any lines in our half of the neighborhood and rumor has it that the City of Corinth is in bed with "higher ups" from Centurytel (CenturyLink) to block any move to let Verizon come in, make it better, and offer their services. It's really pathetic. We live on the edge of (some would argue in) one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the Country and still can't get reliable, fast, broadband service. Really disappointing as a citizen of Corinth.


It's absolutely rediculous that we cannot get FIOS here, we are surrounded by it. I've had enough it's been 3 years waiting to see what has happened and it's time to take some action.

I am sure there are enough people pissed off in Corinth at the general state of our choices for internet and television service to take a stand against whoever is blocking Verizon because centurytel/link does not even come close to the package/prices as verizon fios does with their fiber.

I work from home and need upload speeds faster than 4-5mbps and I have zero choices here in Corinth to get that.