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Carpentersville, IL
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Re: [WIN8] What happens if you install Win 8 CP or RP now?

I probably will hold onto them. Having 2 DVD's does not take up that much physical space in my house. I also have no need to remove the ISO's, as the drive that I have them on is a 500 GB drive, with just about 350 GB free.

It was more of a question of "what happens when I install this today" then anything.

As I noted in my original post, I did the install of Win 8 Consumer Preview today. According to task manager, the system uptime at this point is just over 2 hours.

I've not seen any messages about a pending reboot, or loss of my data (don't really have to worry about that, as I have no data anyway at this point). Things that I know don't work are making changes to my login picture, the lock screen image, and the start screen colors / background. Also, whatever bitmap I use for my desktop image, I get the watermark in the bottom right corner. Again, this is all because the OS is not registered.

Not to mention, whatever changes have been made between this version and the final version would of course not be present now.

Again, I wonder how long it will run like this before I notice something that causes an issue (reboots every so often, loss of data, inability to boot or login, etc). So far, none of that has happened.

--Brian Plencner

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Minneapolis, MN
Does the loophole exist where if you install Windows Media Center in the release preview, Windows 8 activates permanently?

Carpentersville, IL
Not sure yet. I've still got the consumer preview installed at this point. When I do that test later (either yet today or tomorrow), I see what happens.

System Uptime is now 2 hours, and 23 minutes. Still no sign of "odd stuff" taking place.