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New York, NY

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Re: [iPad] Google Maps Snafu in AWB, iOS 6

Hello, I am quite familiar with Google's offerings. But there are some advantages to viewing Maps in a browser on an iPad. The Google app so far has only been optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has to scale up for the iPad and doesn't take full advantage of the larger screen. And in AWB you can use the web version, which gives biking directions unavailable in any other format. Not to mention, it is way easier to jump between tabs than to go back and forth from the browser to Maps if you are investigating multiple destinations listed on a web page.

Once I jail broke my iPad I could get Google Maps in full screen mode in Safari, which is kinda great, but it still defaults to the mobile version: no By Bike, and I am an avid cyclist. Don't much care for any of the dedicated bike map apps, they are fugly.

So, anybody here using AWB able to get maps.google.com working under 6.1? Was okay in iOS 5, and actually even better in 4 (supported drag to change route.)


Investigated in iCab. The maps.google site behaves like in Mobile Safari, even when setting to Safari 6 (Mac), D'oh!

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
Seems like you would want to contact the AWB developer(s)...


New York, NY
Ha ha ha, way ahead of you on that one.

Buckingham Pa
Buckingham, PA
reply to andychrist
Ah, sorry...I missed that iPad reference and agree with you that the browser version is much better on the larger screen.


New York, NY
Actually the app is not so bad on an iPad with JB, FullForce allows it to scale up to the whole screen. (Also looks pretty sharp with RetinaDisplay, but only expands to 2X, and the two extensions are mutually exclusive.) Plus Google Maps has StreetView, which is not available to the browser on any iDevice. On the other hand, maps.google.com now offers biking directions on both their Classic and Mobile optimized sites, something still lacking in the app. So neither solution is perfect yet.

Incidentally, managed to get maps.google.com to display in mobile and in classic with iCab by toggling the browser ID settings back and forth until they "took." Classic behaves kinda strange but Mobile is very stable, plus it takes advantage of virtual keyboard navigation when entering destinations. Also the site works fairly well with Cydia's Safari FullScreen, makes a convenient little web app. The extension is just a little flakey though and at times has trouble covering the hidden status and browser bars, d'oh!

Still can't get Maps to work in Atomic Web Browser.