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Pleasant Hill, MO
reply to Octavean

Re: Tablet Discussions

said by Octavean:


BTW, I think some Ti calculators could run PDA programs which would have been a big deal to some geeks before the whole smart phone thing took off,.....

You can put doom on some Ti calculators.

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsN2JIRG ··· 2JIRGHAo

On topic, I can see an ARM forum possibly being good.

Glendale, AZ
Fine kill your forum off. Hard drives, ssd, monitors etc. tend to be the same no matter the cpu or operating system. ARM is growing fast and honestly I rarely see much at a true cpu hardware level discussed beyond maybe speed features. I hope those on this forum can figure out an ARM at that level. Not asking for machine code or anything. Just same old stuff how fast, needed cooling etc. Apple was most likely divided off at first only because users could not do their own work due to apple being a closed system. Some tablets have just as much upgrade ability as the OPs prize new laptop. Oh wait he was bragging it is MS not linux as linux questions must be booting to the nix forum. Like an MS question might stay here and not get booted to the microsoft forum.
Hope maybe this forum dies sooner then later with these ideas. No way could a tablet be networked into a home server, printer etc. That concept would need a tablet forum a server forum and a general printer forum to keep things under control. You either adapt and grow or become irrelevant.