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Re: Service transfer to brand new house - what will Comcast do?

I've had customers move to different apartments in the same building and still get a new account number. Per Comcast website, account number is tied to the billing address. It's the same with utility service, the account number changed when I moved across town.

I edited my first post to remove the link, which wasn't for Comcast, not sure how that got in there! (edit)

Quakertown, PA

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Thats what im saying you move you get a new account number no matter what. Each apartment and each house is assigned a account number and never changes. The account never follows the sub. The only time a account gets changed is if for some reason comcast made the account unserviceable due to fraud or something like that. In that case when a legit sub moves in and proves they are not the old sub a new account is written so the new person can get serviced at all. A transfer in many cases saves the sub money as a transfer has less install fees and still allows the sub to get new subscriber promos.