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reply to EMKO

Re: [AB] no internet between 10am-1pm for 2 months now

Unfortunate for you and the area . Telus is only company available so Yeh but telus is better than Shaw so why try them out .

Calgary, AB
Didn't Telus recently lower their caps, and raise their prices? But this doesn't add to the discussion...

Going based only on the information the OP posted, that isn't normal congestion.
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


reply to bucko2013
Oh hey Bucko didn't realize you was a telus employee posting from corporate. Makes sense though looking over your past posts.
For the OP that is a bit of a weird time for congestion? Complete outage, I've called in before about congestion too and was told the specific times it occurs but was not that much impacting, mainly in the evening. Did they tell you the prime time impact was lunch time? Is it shaw go wifi? I can see people using that at lunchtime..

after 10am-1pm outage it works perfect i also thought congestion was in the evening when everyone would be using the internet the most but i don't know. Its a 100Mbps connection and i am in the NE Martindale area.