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Re: [DSL] Internet Connectivity issues

Nothing else connected to the phone lines in the house(cell phones) no home phone. One question, the line from the pedestal to the house was cut a few years ago and frontier came out and fixed it(not cheap). Could that be the issue or would one of the techs we've had out here seen a problem between here and there already. I'm just grasping here.


Modoc, IN
I'd suggest replacing any cable Frontier runs with Cat5. I don't let them run their low quality cable in my house, so I installed it all myself. It's really quite easy, as normal phones only use one wire pair and Cat5 has 4 wire pairs. You may see better margins with higher quality cable in the house. Also, avoiding any splitters and couplers will help.

There should be a test jack on the NID. Plug the modem into it with a short known good cable and test the margins and speeds. If things improve, you've found your issue. However, I doubt this to be the problem, as you said it was okay at higher speeds before the problems started.

I wish I could tell you exactly what Frontier did to my friend's line to get it fixed, but the best solution is simply to track down the line from your house to the CO and redo every termination.
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FTR Tech

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said by sidearm1 :
Nothing else connected to the phone lines in the house(cell phones) no home phone.
I'm actually less concerned about phones in this case than I would be about having something like a combination phone jack/surge protector on the line.

If you are concerned that the line has physical damage from a previous incident and we determine that the line must be checked, please voice your concerns and we can put some extra attention on making sure the cables are not damaged.

If you are considering replacing your inside wiring, we would prefer that any changes to wiring be made by Frontier technicians, since we can be responsible for their work.


Just got off the phone with support again...So our line is provisioned for 6.9 down 1.7 up. There's something wrong that's for sure. A Tech is looking into it and is supposed to call me back. Hopefully today.

DSL stats now

DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 2665 532
Margin (dB) 8.0 6.8
Line Attenuation (dB) 45.0 42.0
Transmit Power (dBm) 19.8 12.4
FEC Errors 3851259 28218
HEC Errors 90976 328686
CRC Errors 41419 0

Sure changes alot.


The sun is shining over here today. The tech just left and I have a modem syncing at 7mbps! It ended up being a bad line from the pedestal to the house. We have a temp line and this spring a new one gets buried.