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Evansville, IN

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Level mosth here- Evansville, IN -all different Markets

I had broadband for several years and loved it. That all ended when I remarried in 2008 and moved into my wife's home. Unbeknownst to me at the time, there was nothing wired in her area, and still isn't. We can't even get DSL. We can only get satellite or OTA television. We've had slow, expensive, satellite Internet from Hughesnet for the past couple of years.

However, we're finally seeing the light at the end of this technological tunnel. We just purchased a building lot in North Vanderburgh County in Southern Indiana and will soon start constructing our new home and the area is serviced by Insight. I'm sure that even the lowest level of service would be a huge improvement over what we currently have but I was curious as to what level most of you have. I'm thinking we'll go with at least the 20.0 and possibly the 30.0 service level.

It's just the two of us. We have a desktop, two laptops, two tablets and plan to have a Roku box a probably a connected Bluray player. It's doubtful we'd ever have more than three active devices at one time and probably just two. We do large downloads and will want to do some streaming through Netflix. I'd like to do a little online gaming but it would probably be a rare pleasure. Would either 20.0 or 30.0 work for us or should I plan on definitely going with the 30.0 level?

I've heard something about TWC acquiring Insight. Any ideas what changes that may be bringing?

What about bandwidth caps? Does Insight or TWC have them and, if so, what are they? I'm sick and tired of being capped at 525 MB worth of data/downloads a day!

Anyway, I'd appreciate any info any of you current customers can give.


- Byron Followel

Louisville, KY
·AT&T Southeast
·Insight Communic..

Re: What service level do most users on here have?

Hello Byron, I have the 10.0 service from Insight and honestly, it is ok for me. I stream videos from Youtube and rarely have any issues. I think you would be fine for the 10.0 service, even if you are streaming to the Roku or Bluray Player. I did have 20.0 and dropped it because I was getting around 12 megs. I would check in to your area first before you upgrade to the 20 or 30.0 services. See what you get with the 10.0 first as they do not charge to upgrade your service and you can use the same modem if you switch to 20.0 from 10.

As of this time, there are not any caps on the Internet, but with the TWC merger coming, I am not sure of future plans.

Overall, Insight was pretty rock solid with regard to telephone and cable. Internet has just been slow at times, but I guess it can be expected with cable internet. I have not had a outage in two years since I have been here.

Also, as a FYI, I pay for the 10.0 service and get about 14 megs down at times. Insight has since upgraded this, from what I have heard, and is more in line with what TWC does. I pay 50.00 for my internet after my promotion expired, I want to say I started at 45.00.