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Sortof Agoblin
Orchard Park, NY
reply to TWCFH

Re: Road Runner Network Status Page Still down.

I have never liked the outage page. It was confusing using node related information which actually means nothing to a customer and I don't believe was viewed by very many people at all other than some that frequent here.

I hope that someone has been working on something that is relevant and is updated in real time. Be interesting to see.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hilo, HI
I always thought the page was confusing to read and Oceanic didn't keep it updated so I quit using it years ago. But we also had a local Network Status page accessed on our About Town webpae that was generally kept up to date. Now, we don't have that and Network Status when you call Oceanic is not nearly as useful as it used to be. Until last year sometime, the first thing you would hear when calling (before being asked questions to determine how to route your call) would be the current network status throughout the state with detailed information with areas with a problem. That was very helpful. If I heard that there was a current problem in my area then I would just hang up at that point. I had no need to go further. That saved me time and Oceanic money. Then that changed last year and the Network status announcement got buried and you had to input all the information to route your call before hearing network status which was still for the entire state so no need to input for routing before hearing that.

I asked about the change and was told it was forced by corporate. We had had our own calling system all these years and then finally that was changed. Stupid change as now I have to either input TV problem so I get local customer service to tell me the network status or if I say internet problem then I get routed to NHD and someone there has to tell me there is a problem in my area which they don't know without calling Oceanic and asking while I am on hold and they can't get through because Oceanic has been jammed with local calls. A waste of my time and a waste of Oceanic's time and money. Maybe it has been changed this year so that network status is again immediately addressed by a current recorded message as soon as your call is connected. (I can also hope those horrible, chirpy, too high pitched, falsely cheerful Mainland female voices that interact with you to route your call have been changed too. Oceanic has had a lot of complaints since we were forced to use the Mainland TWC voice system. NO ONE likes that in Hawaii).
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