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Allen, TX

Digital voice - garbled voice

I work from home and make a lot of phone calls. Every once and a while I'll get garbled voice for around 5 to 10 seconds and it'll go away. It happens multiple times a day and usually once or twice per call during my avg hour long conf calls. I'm using an analog phone, so no other way there could be interference. It's rather annoying.

I've had this issue for the past year, but haven't done anything about calling VZ about it. I don't have any issues with voice or video and my ONT has been replaced a few times for other reasons.

Anyone have this issue?

Lakeland, FL
Is it always the same company your calling? could be the PBX or stuff on there end if so ...


Allen, TX
reply to buckweet1980
Happens on any call that I make.. End users can be on cell, conference bridge, land line, etc...

The garbling is from packet loss or out of orders in the networking. It's the typical sound of VoIP phones losing packets. Since FIOS uses SIP the same rules apply..

Guess it's time to call VZ..