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Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to signmeuptoo

Re: Tablet Discussions

said by signmeuptoo:

I move that tablet discussions be forever barred from the computer hardware forum. Tablets are the enemy of desktop technology. Take this to the Android or apple forums, please!

Gawd, I'm torn! MODS haven't done anything, so they're torn as well. Maybe a re-name of the forum? Take "PC" out and expand it to just "Hardware Discussion/Reviews" -or- "Computing Hardware...". I too feel more comfortable with PC hardware v. tablets, but I'm not afraid to learn. How much different can the logic be (processor, memory, controllers, BIOS, storage ... and requisite gorilla glass)?
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.

New York, NY
I can see oh some people would be confused or conflicted. I still kind of have my own vision of how I think it should be in order to keep things organized and fair but it would also require subdividing this forum.

There is some overlap at times though. One or two devices that don't fit neatly in any one category. Such as the ASUS Transformer All-In-One which incorporates a rather large Android / ARM tablet as a removable display for a desktop PC:

»m.youtube.com/watch?v=W9LIk9i3Fe ··· =related

Such things are few and far between though,....