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Campbell River, BC

Telus - THOMSON SpeedTouch ST516 v6

I'm currently on High Speed Turbo (V1) with Telus.
I'm running a Actiontech v1000H, and I hate it.. but , it works and it seems to be working fine.
However I recieved a parcel from Telus today, and inside, to my suprise was a Thomson Speedtouch ST516.

They also had in the box a notice of upgrade in services.

"Dear ***** *****,

At TELUS we're on a continuous journey to put you first and provide you with the best Internet experience. As part of these effors, we'll soon be upgrading the High Speed Internet network in your area to bring you faster Internet speeds and increased stability."

This little modem is old, I know that much. I used to have one a few years ago..

Needless to say, I feel like I'm being trolled by Telus.

TL;DR: What is happening? Is Telus attempting to screw me? Lol.


Campbell River, BC
Well, I just gave it a try on Speedtest.net

Internet has some major "clunk" when it's on the Speedtouch.

I went from a Ping of 33 to 143. My Down/Up was pretty close to the same.. but instead of a smooth progression it looked like a Oscilloscope image..

... I've been Trolled by Telus, that's all I can think.

CEO of Actiontec Dev Team

In the GVRD
Defective or mistake? What speed tier are you subscribed to?


Edmonton AB
reply to Victus13
Well if you are in Campbell River you should have access to VDSL2. You'd likely be better off with the Actiontec connected. If you have the Speedtouch connected the card will revert back to the slower ADSL2+ mode. Now with the speedtouch are you hardwired to it or is there a router / wireless between it and your PC? Do you get the same result testing to multiple servers and what cities are the test servers you selected in?

@jtl999 - He also said he has HS Turbo (15mbps) on the first line of the original post. The speed of the connection in this case won't matter either way as it won't effect latency.


reply to Victus13
NSS_TECH as always has some extremely good points PFAK usually has a few good points as well. I know the adslv2 thomson + can do up to 25MBS!! and up to 4 syncronus channels. Sounds to me like telus is going to put maybe another 2 channels in there GPON. Obviously this is the way to go. I hope you get some new incredibly fast speeds if they are upgrading the stinger and line speed in the area and bringing more channels into the loop. Sounds exciting.


Edmonton, AB
reply to Victus13
....the same thing happened to me a few years ago....i actually had a speedtouch already.....i think i was on 15Mbps at the time....got another speedtouch in the mail for no apparent reason other than some nonexistent
'upgrade'. Now i have 2 speedtouch somewhere in the closet. They just f'd up