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Hico, TX
reply to Bashlin

Re: Has Windstream support been cut ??

I've been bumping the crap out of my Windstream Direct post trying to get an update. So far all I've gotten is, "we're sorry" and "They are installing equipment and we will get you an update from the 'engineers'". That last one was 9 days ago.

Internet has been screwed ever since 1st of January. I'm going to start posting every hour, on the hour for updates if I don't get something truly spectacular soon. In addition I think it's time for a complaint to the FCC, and possible legal discussions.


Campobello, SC

Same here, my thread in the Direct forum has 24 total posts. 18 of those are mine LOL. 6 replies since NOVEMBER of 2012. Stellar support...top of line. Aaron has been great when he's here but unfortunately he's been out for many weeks. I have heard though he's supposed to be back today. We can all only hope this is true.

He at least actually cares enough to follow up and also get his own manager involved if people don't respond...which my local office, manager and any local engineers tend to do to him apparently. I think they believe if they ignore the inquiries regarding upgrade statuses and cry's for help it will all just go away or we'll simply give up. Neither are the case.

Twinsburg, OH

Hey everyone,
Just got back this afternoon. I hope to be caught up with all the PMs and threads no later than Monday. If I do not get back to you via PM today don't worry I won't forget, and I will get back to you. Looks like everything has been busy while I was out!

Specialist II
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