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Mountain View, CA
reply to aa2k

Re: munin help.. is it broken?

Note: I have no familiarity with munin, but I have enough familiarity with RRDTool to tell you that my gut feeling is that what you're suffering from is the underlying RRDTool bits.

The munin run interval almost certainly matches the interval set in all of the underlying RRDs (called "step") -- meaning, rrdtool create (or rrdcreate) was run when you set up munin with an interval value of 3540 seconds (60*59). See here:


So, you would need to delete and recreate all of your RRD files to contain the new interval value (3540 seconds).

I imagine "rolling back" to 5 minutes would work, except that some internal munin bits may be wedged/confused -- or possibly some data was inserted into the RRDs which in turn confused the hell out of rrdupdate.

You have to remember that with RRDs, any time you update/insert some data, it affects all of the existing data in the file (for lack of better explanation). So a single mistake can, in some circumstances, cause permanent damage.

Changing the step with existing data is a pain in the ass. Prepare to become confused:


This, as well as many other reasons, is why I avoid anything that uses RRDTool like the plague. I know you don't need opinions right now in the middle of trying to troubleshoot something, but RRDTool is just a complete utter nightmare on numerous levels. Don't ask me for other software to use -- I end up developing all my own stuff and using a different storage mechanism solely to stay away from RRDTool.

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Damascus, MD


I have been trying to fix this for more than a day and no luck.. I deleted all the files and run the script again, manually it runs fine and it recreates the files... the job still does not update..

I will go ever the links you mentioned... thanks again...

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Manually editing cron files often leads to problems. Try using crontab instead.


Damascus, MD
I tried crontab but there are no cronjobs listed anywhere under any user or root that I could edit...

So I gave up, I uninstalled munin and rrdtool completely, looked for all files everywhere in the system that belonged to them and delete them.. rebooted... installed back rrdtool only again and run my script manually once...

This time I created just my own crontab job and scheduled it to run as I wanted this time, this way I can edit it anytime...

It seems like I wont be installing munin back again... the graph started to work after this, it seems ok for now but I will keep eye on it...

what a headache!...

Thanks everyone...