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Stockton, MD

[General] HomeFusion or Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan?

Ok…I was just about to pull the trigger and sign up for the Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan. Then I started reading about Verizon’s HomeFusion.
If I go with Millenicom, the intitial cost for the Hotspot, a Wilson Sleek 4G and CradlePoint MBR95 will be well over $400.
Figuring in this initial cost associated with the Millenicom plan, the effective monthly cost of the Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan appears to be comparable to the HomeFusion 20GB $90/month plan. I’m assuming there is no startup cost (installation, activation, etc) with HomeFusion which may not be a good assumption?
Therefore I was hoping some of you can share Pros and Cons of the two plans. Have any of you actually had experience with both the Millenicom Hotspot and the HomeFusion? Any thoughts are welcome.

Thanks in advance!


Cobbs Creek, VA
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The Hotspot is mobile, Fusion is fixed. No contract with Millenicom, 2 years with HomeFusion. Speeds are identical. Looks clear to me which is the best option.
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Cleveland, TN
reply to dgreen80
First of all I totally agree with Jim_in_VA...but:

Before seriously considering HomeFusion as an alternative be sure to verify with Verizon that you are in the 4G coverage area. In my case my mailbox (on the county road) is in the 4G LTE EXTENDED area (per Verizon's map). The house is almost 1/2 miles away on a ridge significantly higher and is in the 4G LTE coverage area (per Verizon's map). Good coverage at my house has been verified on site by a Verizon associate.

The problem is that even though everyone involved knows the house receives a strong signal, the software that generates their work orders won't accept my street address (mailbox) because the mailbox is in their 4G LTE EXTENDED coverage area.

All this is to say that I've been a happy Millenicom user ever since.

Good luck in your own adventure!


reply to dgreen80
Millenicom, HF has too many bugs from the reports we've heard on here to recommend. There needs to be some software fixes for it to be reliable enough to use full time.

A update is gonna be pushed out end of this month/ early march.


Bay, AR
Sadly to say, I'm going to have to believe this when I see it the way my hardware is going right now with the current software. It would take a pretty good chumnk of overhauling to fix some of the problems in my book.

Mount Airy, MD
reply to dgreen80
I agree with Jim. 20GB for 69.99, no contract or taxes and is mobile? Well worth the money and investment. On the other hand, I love my HomeFusion set up and performance when running as advertised. Keep in mind I had a 200.00 set up fee which included the installation and router. And I had to help the tech set up the router.

For my situation, I need to have Internet available at my home 24/7. It's called a family . When I need to go mobile I just activate the hot spot available on my cell phone.

The HomeFusion has had disconnect issues and I've been told by Verizon to expect a firmware update very soon that will correct the issue. This has been frustrating. But Verizon has also waived my last 2 months of service. And I've got the 30GB plan. So it's not like they're not working with me. I still pay the tax on it though........

Go with Jim's advice.


Salinas, CA
reply to dgreen80
You have at least two more options. One is to go with the Verizon data plan that goes in 2GB increments depending upon usage and costs $49 (after rebate) for the Novatel 4620LE. With Millenicom you have to pay $100 for the Novatel.

We had used Millenicom for 3G service for several years but with 4G the problems with connecting to Verizon had to go through Millenicom and then be relayed to Verizon. We were waiting 4-5 days on average to get a response from Millenicom. We finally gave up and switched to the goons at Verizonwireless.

The end result was actually no better as Verizonwireless has gone to having non-technical people take the tech support calls and regurgitate what the techs tell them. We lose the tower connection completely several times each day and after much time in multiple tech support queues were were twice told that they could not see our Novatel Mifi device. The second time we were told that either the Mifi or the SIM was defective. We replaced both items.

Same problem only this time the person anwering the phone at Verizon tech support (a non-tech person) is telling us that there is an IP address problme on our computer. How this could happen with the Novatel issued its external IP by Verizon on connection and the Novatel issuing via DHCP various IP addresses to its clients, is beyond me and I have worked professionally with personal computers since before the IBM PC arrived on the scene. The Verizon person could tell me nothing either, only that the problem was not with the Mifi and therefore it was with our computer and that they do not support computers.

I asked him what was the benefit of a Mifi if you did not use it with a computer and he had no answer. Just when you think the state of the US telecom industry has hit rock bottom it goes down two more levels into a modern version of Dante's hell. Gotta love this country's love affair with big monopolistic businesses that are great at maximizing profits for their executives but abominable at providing a public service at any price.


Mulberry, FL
May I ask what service goes in 2gb increments, costs the same or less than Millenicom's for the same amount of data?


Stoughton, WI
reply to dgreen80
in was a very easy decision for us. when i checked on line for reviews of the home fusion, it was much more bad then good. i found the opposite with millenicom. we preferred no contract instead of 2 yr. we didn't want to install something on our roof and instead have a small portable device that velcro's to the external hard drive. a 20gb limit hotspot plan with verizon is $130/mo including that $20/mo charge they have. the device is $99 w/millenicom w/o contract, $249 w/verizon w/o contract. it's also very sellable on ebay if/when we stop the service. there was only one thing verizon had in favor of millenicom....a 14 day trial. millenicom is 48 hrs. i did several on line chat's with millenicom too. all of my questions and concerns were answered every time. the 48 hr trial wasn't an issue for us. it worked from day one. however if an antenna was needed, millenicom would extend the trial period giving us time to order the antenna and see if that help get us the signal.


Stockton, MD

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reply to dgreen80
Thanks for all the replies and input. We decided to go with the Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan and are very happy.
See my update on the Millenicom forum, Topic: "Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan questions before I pass go..."


Black Earth, WI
reply to gcinsetn
Am going through the same experience with Verizon and Fusion as you. They just gave me the opportunity to research a little about shooting themselves in the foot...Millenicom looks like a pretty good option.


Allen, TX
So I'm going to ask the next question..

If I have a homefusion now and wanted to change over to the Millenicom service could I? I'd need a new SIM card, but I am not sure if Homefusion has a SIM card. If it did it would be cantenna for sure, so some dissection would be needed.

And you'll ask why I want to do this. The main reason is that I've invested in this hardware already and the fact that I have it mounted up on an antenna mast helps me.. Down low on the ground the signal isn't spectacular, but mounted up high it works perfectly. If I went to a mifi I'd have to get a repeater system which costs several hundred.


reply to dgreen80
I'd be interested in maybe going with Millenicom if I can get it to work with my existing network configuration. I'm on a ranch and there's two houses on it that are 500ft. apart. I'm using (2) Engenius radios to maintain a link between the two. My house has the Engenius radio that is configured as a AP, and the opposing house has the Engenius radio as a client bridge.

The Home Fusion router has 4 LAN ports that I connect one to the Engenius AP. DHCP and DNS are handled by the HF router.

If I were to go with Millienicom with the 4G Hotspot, I think it uses one of those 4G Jetpacks.. I don't know how I would be able to get it to work as a replacement to the HF router. I don't think they have a LAN port to plug into, unless I'm wrong???

I do have an old CradlePoint MBR1000 router that I used years ago with a Sprint Mobile Broadband USB modem, but I don't think VZW has a USB 4G modem that would work with it, then again I could be wrong.


Cobbs Creek, VA
You pair the 4G Hotspot with a newer Cradlepoint (MBR95) and enable WiFi as WAN.
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Kansas City, MO
reply to LTE4LIFE
You can also use a router with dd wrt or tomato on it and use it in Client mode. » ··· Wireless this will make the ddwrt/tomato router connect to the jetpack as the wan, and then you would plug into the ddwrt/tomato router via ethernet... since most routers don't have the dual radios like the mbr95 you would end up having to add yet another router onto it if you needed to extend the wifi range. This is a good choice if you have an old dd wrt/tomato compatible router laying around.

Another thing to look into, since the LTE is sim based I think you might be able to pop the sim out of the jetpack and pop it into the HF router , hopefully someone doing this will chime in.


Allen, TX
I believe Millenicom uses the 4620LE mifi(??). This model now supports connectivity through the USB port which is a nice added feature.

That should give you a bit more reliable connection once you get it working. Once less wifi network to worry about and less battery drain if you go mobile with it.