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Penns Grove, NJ

Upload speed consistently higher than download speed?

I have a UML290 in a MBR100 with a Wilson Yagi and I consistently get these higher upload speeds. What is causing this and how can I get the downloads to at least match the uploads. Typical 6mbs down, 10mbs up?


Pike Road, AL
Don't know what is causing your situation, but I think this might help. Go to » , click on tools, scroll down to DRTCP, download DRTCP to your desktop, reboot computer.
Go back to dslreports/tools, and scroll down to tweak test.Run the tweak test and then follow instructions. You must have JAVA installed in order to run test. Hope this helps.

4G Verizon Wireless with Pantech UML290 USB modem, DRTCP, WinXP Pro, Dell Optiplex GX260 2.4 Mhz GB, 1536 MB memory.
Website: »


Lincolnton, NC
reply to rainbow11
I also have a UML290 and have had an MBR95 and now a MBR1200B with a yagi and have seen a similar ratio recently. 2 things:
1) Why does it matter as long as your speeds are as advertised?

2) May want to look at moving from a series 1 to a series 2 cradlepoint as they admitted and fixed a cap of 16mb down on the series 2 firmware. I sometimes hit 20 down now and I'm 6 miles from the tower. I would shy away from the 95 unfortunately, it was flaky and the 1200B has been great. Of course increased model = increased price.


Edgewood, TX
reply to rainbow11
what size files are you testing with? Have you tried 25MB or higher file sizes from and seen a consistent lower download than upload?

I get around 35Mbps down and 10Mbps up.. Then again I am using HomeFusion.



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reply to rainbow11
I have a MBR1000 also, but I am using a USB 551L. It will hit over the supposed fixed cap of 16mb all the time. I don't know if they removed the cap with the last and final firmware update or not. But I don't have those issues with mine.


Edgewood, TX

for what it's worth...