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reply to PacNWE97

Re: Neilson in my home - Opt in or by default?

And whats your thoughts on Google?


said by InquiringM :

And whats your thoughts on Google?

I don't use any Google products or services for this very reason.
Haven't felt left out. Can "find" anything on the internet without their search engine. Still find FireFox my default browser.

I also have Satellite which stopped reporting anything to Nielson a while ago, plus when they did, I could always unplug their phone dial-back as an OptOut.

Bottom line, OptOut is important to me. It should be the default setting for any service until and if the customer wholly understands what OptIn means.

Seriously, if Nielson wants in to our homes, our consoles, why shouldn't consumers receive a subsidy for OUR information being used and get Xbox Live Premium on Nielson's tab?