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Carmel, CA

No longer able to have DSL connection set for Interleaved

I have dsl in area code 831 exchange 626, which is Carmel, CA(though we are really part of the Big Sur area, but for exchange purposes we are Carmel). I have had a DSL account that was set for adsl connection mode interleaved for 6 years. It has been switched to fast which is causing problems, I need the forward error correcting in interleaved due to the old copper wiring in the area.

I was told that AT&T now requires all customers to use Fast and will not change the circuit back to interleaved. They stated the reason for this is that when one customer on a card is switched to interleaved it slows down all the other customers on the card. Though in reality in this area, everyone is slowed down by being set to Fast and that interleaved is actually must faster because of the error correcting.

1) Can you confirm that this policy change is actually true.

2) Is there somebody that we can talk to try and make them understand that in a small rural area where the copper was last updated in the early '70s, even for those who are physically close to the RT, there are line noise issues and having a universal policy of only using Fast actually slows all of us down?

This is very frustrating for us. We have a local email list and everyone of us on it is experiencing connections issues, stalling of data, most likely from crc errors and want AT&T to switch it back, as it was all working very well prior.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light upon this for me/us.
Scott Bogen

Reno, NV
Post this question in the AT&T Direct private forum: »AT&T Direct where you can get the true word from an official AT&T tech. This a secure private forum so if it is possible to switch your line to interleaved then you can also post your phone number/account number and they can make that happen as well.

Frankly I've never heard what has been explained to you and it even sounds a little nutty. Normal DSL is supposed to automatic revert to interleaved if the lines are of poor quality and the error rates are high enough.

Much of IPDSLAM DSL is on interleaved and all of VDSL broadband and IPTV is on interleaved. Why doesn't that cause problems for those customers?

Anyhow, good luck.
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reply to bigsurscott
You probably need to post in the AT&T Direct forum. Although I am puzzled by such a policy. I have had my line set to interleaved when it went flaky. I thought it was an automatic action by the DSLAM.

Sorry, d_l See Profile, your post wasn't there when I started!
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Carmel, CA
reply to bigsurscott
Thank you. I was confused thinking that this was the private forum for AT&T. Will repost it there.