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Lynnwood, WA
reply to JoelC707

Re: write protecting NTFS partitions against change

said by JoelC707:

So you want to keep the actual partition from being modified or deleted?


That's more on the lines of an MBR/GPT issue than an NTFS (or other file system) issue. If an install script nuked a partition on a drive, especially without prompting you, that goes way beyond poorly written.

I already started bitching about that. The script assumed that there would be 2 drives there, one containing the install script and the image being installed, and the target drive. For whatever reason the target drive wasn't recognized in the BIOS, so after the script loaded itself into memory it promptly repartitioned the source disk, and then erred out because it couldn't find the rest of itself.

if the partition was simply deleted, testdisk may be able to recover it but using this program can also destroy anything else on the drive so I'd try using it only as a last resort (sounds like you might be there).

Based on a cursory look of the script, all the formats were quick, but when I tried NTFS undelete in the new partition, it couldn't find anything. There were nothing really irreplaceable on that USB HD and I have a roughly 10 days old backup, but my work for the last 4 - 5 days are gone. I can probably redo it in 2 - 3 days, but that still sucks.

It does not appear this is doable, at least according to this: »social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums···bdd70a5/ Specifically, read the 3rd reply.

That sucks.
Of course the irony of this is when I want to run certain programs, I have to confirm that yes, I really want to run them, but then some half witted install script can wipe my USB HD before I realize WTH is going on.
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Daily or incremental back ups every hour if you use tools as such?

reply to aurgathor

Sounds to me like you need two systems. One to do most of your work on and another to test new software on. Problem solved!


Lynnwood, WA

Depending on how a "system" is defined, I may have over a dozen on the 1.5 benches I occupy...

I don't think I'll invest in a HDD write blocker (not sure if they available for USB in the first place)

Yeah, I know I should've kept more backups
I was about to post the whole thing onto a network share, and the only think was missing is the user manual, and I wanted to post everything at once.
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