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reply to haroldo

Re: iWatch?

said by haroldo:

The rumor/news mill has Apple working on a watch

...a few fantasy images... »www.foxnews.com/tech/slideshow/2 ··· #slide=1

»www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosn ··· eed-one/

Pointless idea frankly, what would be the purpose? I'll keep my Seamaster for when I want a nice watch to wear.


united state

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said by sk1939:

Pointless idea frankly, what would be the purpose? ...

The race for the next big thing is wearable computing. Google seems to have a huge lead with glasses.
Guessing (if this is real) that Apple has two choices, "win or go home" (to borrow a phrase from every high school football team's locker room). Having watched Microsoft's, near march to irrelevance, with them ignoring mobile and showing up very late to the party, I guess Apple doesn't want to go home, just yet.
Remember, this is the company that gets you to buy thing you didn't know you wanted.
Personally, I think it's hokey and too geeky to be chic. A large clunky piece of arm adornment is not what the fashionable urbanite wants to be seen sporting. It might make sense for special, business specific, situations, where the user might need both hands to hold something, or it's impractical to hold a phone, although, I can't think of an application. Maybe cyclists, quarterbacks or medical practitioners?