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[HN7000S] VPN/Gen4

So...is the VPN and Gen 4 issue getting any better. Hughes is really pushing me to upgrade to Gen 4. This is the last email I got from someone at Hughes: If the VPN works now without a static IP address it should work with Gen 4. She may want to check with her IT dept. We have moved to IPV6 from IPV4. I’m not sure if this will affect her VPN or not,

Thanks for your input...very much appreciated...

West Mich.
I think I would wait for the dust to settle on gen4, they are having too many issues yet.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
reply to cricket1970
VPN will work a little better on consumer grade Gen4, but only by virtue of the increased speed. To do it right (over satellite), VPN acceleration is required. But that's only available on business/enterprise accounts. At those levels of service, you can customize the connection with optional VPN acceleration, SSL acceleration, VoIP support. Gen4 FAQs also suggest that business and enterprise accounts enjoy US-based tech support.

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