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Princeton, IN

[Connectivity] Motorola SB5120 Reboots - Princeton/Evansville, I

I'm currently running on a Motorola SB5120 that I've owned for at least five years. When maxing my download connection at 15Mb for more than a few minutes, one of two things occurs: the modem switches channels causing a brief loss of connection or, more often, the modem reboots itself. It will reboot several times during an extended period of download. The signal levels are within range before and after the reboot, and the only error present in the log is "DIST: Management Message with unidentified Version->4 - Discard message."

This started happening at about the same time basic service was upgraded to 15Mb and switched to TWC's network. My connection was solid up to that point. I'm willing to purchase a new modem, but I thought I'd ask for advice before spending $100 on something that might not correct the problem. Any advice or suggestions are welcome.


Simpsonville, KY

Re: [Connectivity] Motorola SB5120 Reboots - Princeton/Evansvill

Definitely sounds like something could be wrong with the modem. If you are staying on their 15mbps tier I would suggest go to ebay and search for a docsis 2.0 modem. There is a myriad of them to be had for $20 or less.

If it turns out to not be the modem then you have a backup modem which you can always use in a pinch or worse case you can always sell it back on ebay.

I bought a couple of modems last month on ebay both for less than $20 since they started charging for modem leases and I haven't looked back yet. Recommendations: RCA DCM 425 (super cheap) or something like a Dlink DCM 202 (also fairly inexpensive).


Princeton, IN
reply to El_Borracho
Thanks. The reason I'm leaning toward a new modem is that my issue seems to hinge on these channel switches. I'm assuming that a modem that can utilize the current channel bonding would likely resolve the problem.


Princeton, IN
can you please post your signal page?


Princeton, IN
Thanks for your offer of assistance, but I cashed in a favor yesterday and picked up a new SB6141 for $70. My issue seems to be resolved. I let it download for about two hours last night, and there were no reboots and an average rate of 14.7 Mbps during peak hours.

For the record, the signal levels on the old modem were always well within the acceptable range.