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Wireless Router Setup Question

I have Road Runner Internet. I have 3 computers in my home. One main desktop and 2 laptops. I have the linksys wrt54 wireless router which was bought 6 years ago or so. My desktop is in my room and its connected to the cable modem and the linksys router. This is my main computer.

I use the laptop as well and use it on the living room sometimes but if i do its either there or my room. I rarely had any wireless connection problems at all.

Problem is someone uses a laptop and they use it at the room next to the living room which is one room farther away. The wireless signal shows 3 or 4 bars but even so... you can't really stream videos much like on netflix. I then brang my laptop to that room and it also has 3 or 4 bars but usually 4 bars. Well i could stream the video in that room and my connection is still fast there.

And if you bring the laptop with problems to the living room... the speed would be good and you can stream videos so it is a distance issue but i had no distance issue with my laptop. However that person doesn't want to go to living room to use wireless.

My question is, is there a way to put my wireless router in the living room so the wireless signal would be very good for that other computer 1 room from the living room? Obviously if i bring my desktop there and put the computer there, yes i can. But i would like to have my desktop in my room.

Is there a way to solve this problem? I thought about one way which was just connect my laptop to my cable modem wired and connect the wireless router similar to how its connected to my desktop now. But if i do this, could i go wireless then on my DESKTOP?


Get a range extender. That'll boost the signal further through the house, that way you don't have to run wires.


united state
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Do your wireless devices have wireless N? If so, get rid of your linksys router and upgrade it to a newer one. Wireless N will give you more range and speed across the board.


Hi. We use the 2 laptops for the wireless internet. We don't use any other stuff. How would I know if it has wireless N?

These laptops were bought around 2009 and 2010.

Can you recommend me a wireless n router then? Someone did say in another forum that the linksys wrt54g router is good back many years ago but not now. I have no problems with it with my laptop, its just the other one b/c its used in the room that is very far from the router.

I would not mind putting the wireless router in my living room. But can someone tell me how i can do this?

Can you give me link to range extender? Preferably on amazon.com? Wouldn't it better to buy a new router as oppose to range extender?


San Antonio, TX
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your router has the luxury of removable antennas if you want to go that route they have them on ebay pretty cheep.

just look for a rp-tnc connection

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Take a look at the Linksys PLWK400. It is a Powerline Ethernet which brings a wired connection point to wherever you plug it in, combined with a WiFi extender which really boosts the WiFi signal. The best of both worlds.

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Los Angeles, CA
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I own this router and it really kick ass, easy to set it up and very strong signal, check it out...

my brother who lives across the street bought an asus repeater ( device receives strong signal from my router ) i give him access from my internet and he gets strong signal.


pricey but we are happy with it, no signal drops and we set it both SSID'S for frequency 2.5 and 5ghz.

try the router first and if you dont like it then just send it back to amazon, easy return policy