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Belleville, IL
·AT&T DSL Service
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Re: Considering upgrading to U-Verse from DSL

if your wiring needs to be redone while we are there for the full tech install, depending on how many tvs and such we can replace or repair for free(so many lines are included with install) plus we have the wireless receivers of which you can have 2 on an account so sometimes that is nice instead of reusing wiring. The best is cat5 for ethernet to every tv, rarely does it go bad in the future like coax can


Birmingham, AL
Gaming issues aside, another big reason I'm somewhat hesitant to upgrade is because I just don't trust AT&T.

The person I talked to today said there would be no installation fee but I can't be sure that I won't be charged that anyway. It's happened to me before with AT&T; they'll do some sort of service at my house, tell me it will be free, and then at the end of the month I get a not so pleasant surprise on my bill. I then have to spend the next few hours arguing with customer support to get the charge taken off. So while they're telling me that installation is free and rewiring is free if needed what do I do when I get my first bill and it says I owe XXX amount for installation? Call customer service and then have them claim they never told me installation was free? It sounds crazy, but I've been getting jerked around by AT&T customer service for years.