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reply to ocjosh

Re: what other nations offer 1gb to house right now for cheap?

What point are you trying to get at? It's hard to judge how price sensitive people are. I think middle class and upper middle class people have no issue paying $50+/mo for a faster connection, while we have serious problems with the affordability of broadband in lower-income neighborhoods, and accessibility at all in rural areas.

Personally, I would pay up to about $70/mo for as fast as I could get for that price point, but I know people who won't even get cable, and stay on god-awful super-slow DSL because it's cheaper, and many of them are perfectly well able to afford cable.


San Jose, CA
I guess he is one of those people on earth who think they are entitled to get everything in life for free or cheap. I guess in this example, people don't understand fiber is expensive to deploy. I wonder if those people ever visit their doctor or lawyer. Or even pay for rent, car payments, student loans, because thats where big expenses from your salary go. And here some argue $70 a month for 1GB broadband is too much lol.