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Grand Rapids, MI

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Re: firefox secure?

Google Chrome has a feature to turn off the "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed". If you don't and you monitor your PC's external connections or the task manager you will see that you always have connection.

Background pages and background apps
Many extensions and web apps use background pages in order to carry out their functions. The background page is invisible to you, but it’s constantly working in the background, for example checking your mail so it can let you know when you have new messages.

I don't know if Firefox can be manage the same way..but I do recall that third party apps they have can exhibit the same background running when it is closed.

So it is not just a matter of 30 secs or so for it all to really close out in some cases.

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Randallstown, MD
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There is a Suspend background tabs extension. (I ran into, seemingly, a compatibility issue with it, on SeaMonkey, so stopped using it.)

Not releasing (hanging) from memory is different from "taking a while" to exit from memory. The way Mozilla closes now is to first remove the UI, then it continues its shutdown in the background. During that time, your Profile remains locked. Once finished shutting down, the lock is remove & you can reopen the Profile. Depending on how much memory your have racked up, what plugins, ... may have been open, can affect how long it takes it takes to release from memory. As it stands right now, I'm using 1.5 GB of RAM, & unless I outright kill (seamonkey.exe), it is going to take a bit of time before everything unloads (though thinking in any case it will be 30 sec).