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Brampton, ON
reply to elitefx

Re: Anyone think we may see 20Mbps or more UL speeds via Cable?

said by elitefx:

so I guess we can safely assume that the sole reason for the brutally slow Rogers upload speeds can be attributed to Rogers standing in the way of progress as usual.

That's far from the truth, slow upload speed on cable is due to the fact that the node can only "listen" to one modem at a time, thus 122.88mbps is only possible if there was one modem per node. 122.88mbps has to be divided between ~250 modem in terms of time slots, the node will "listen" to each modem in its allotted time slot. That time slot if very small but for 10mbps that's 0.08(seconds) that works of to 8% of the total time slots for just one modem when you have 250 modem. Do the math, only ~12 modems can even get 10mbps but what about the rest of the 238 modems? Well those modems get very low upload speed(small time slots) and hope that they don't upload a lot of stuff and also hope that the 10mbps guys don't run torrent servers. You have to realize the slow upload speeds are due to technical limits, but I still say if someone is willing to pay extra for 20mbps upload config then rogers should allow that as long as that customer's node is oversubscribed as such that it won't have an adverse effect on the rest of modems. Because lets face it, all node are oversubscribed but not all nodes are oversubscribed to the same extent thus there are nodes that can support 20mbps for a few modems without any adverse effect on the rest of the modems.


that seems right until you look at comcast who has had 10mbps up for YEARS on lower packages (with high caps or unlimited) and now has 20 up same with shaw though shaw usually has lower density.