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Philadelphia, PA
reply to jwhite4

Re: Service transfer to brand new house - what will Comcast do?

An update: Tech arrived ~430pm-ish (3-5pm slot), stayed almost 3 hours. No problem with him terminating all the coax lines (though all the ones in the house are practically outside the house; I don't think he enjoyed working in cold, dark weather). He also let me run an extension line of about 40' in the basement, which I did all the work.

My DVR worked from the beginning. AnyRoom master DVR took a while to get online; slaves a little less time.

On the video side, he said he had to use one of our slave units (3200M) for a previous customer, so I was one short. He said "someone would deliver it on Friday (he came Wed)". No one came. I called Comcast, they said they had to sent it out, I said okay. 5 days later, an old 120GB DVR shows up via UPS! I called Comcast, they said, "AnyRoom equipment never can be shiipped out, the warehouse always gets it wrong." So I have a truck roll for this Wed to deliver and install.

For the termination, left the faceplates, but didn't attach them or finish the boxes, I had to do that. One room, he ran the raw line into a splitter, so after I put on the faceplate, I was actually short a patch cable.

On the phone side, he gave me some BS about, "I can't get connectivity, there must be an intermediate junction point". So I had to have our base unit where the modem was. About a week later I got around to testing all the lines, they were fine. I think he just didn't want to do it.

While repositiioning the modem, I discovered no battery in the EMTA. Didn't help that a day or so later, the Comcast bill announced that batteries would no longer be provided for free. It took me close to 2 hours on the phone with various Comcast people to get them to finally agree to send me one out free (well, a credit for the $41 it costs from them).

Also on the phone side, while the tech was there, after the phone was 'working', I call from it to my cell. Phone rang, caller-id came through, so "It works." Wasn't until the next day that I tried to call it - just rang and rang and rang. Put a call in, "Techs will look into it." On Sat, wife got a call, "Oh, your husband requested service to be active as of next Wed (more BS), it'll work then."

I think on Tues I tried to call it, now, "Your number has been disconnected." More calls to Comcast - "We need to role a truck to fix it." Supposed to be this past Friday, I think on Thursday it was working. But now for some reason my cordless phone, when moved to my new wired location (not plugged directly into the mode) seems to have problems.

All in all, way too many issues I've needed to deal with.


Sounds just like Comcast. Took me 4 tries to get the service I wanted through the service center, then a dead box, and that's with Comcast already hooked up to my apartment...

Quakertown, PA
reply to jwhite4
Yea, that sounds pretty bad. Let me guess it was a lousy contractor? They have comcast branded trucks down there and are usually ford rangers.