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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to plencnerb

Re: Its a large download...must be pirated content!

said by plencnerb:

Along those lines, how do they verify that what is being downloaded is actually the real thing.

For example, what if I created 300 txt files of popular music songs, had them named artist - song title . mp3, and made them about the right size.

But, in reality, they would not be what the file says they are. As I said, I would start with a text file, make it the right size, and rename it to .mp3.

If I was to do that, and host them, and people started to download them, would I get "flagged" as hosting "copyrighted material", when the files themselves was bogus?


Possibly yes. if the hash happened to be close enough to the database I bet the automatic system would fire off a DMCA notice to your ISP.

the DMCA has zero human oversight. Which is why false positives happen. NASA had part of a news conference on Livestream cut off once. They showed video of the curiosity landing and that triggered an automatic copyright system(because some news source also had that same video.)
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Cumming, GA
I remember a story where an original video was uploaded to YouTube. That video was later played by NBC Nightly News IIRC for some segment. A DMCA takedown was done on the original video and they never got permission to air the video anyways.

Seriously, it's out of control.