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Wynnewood, PA

FiOS Internet Up & Down in Phila Suburbs (Ardmore)

Anybody else have up-and-down-like-a-yo-yo FiOS Internet service evening of March 6? Starting about 8pm it was down more than up. As I write this, about 9:10 pm, it's been up for 10 minutes. Hoping troubles are over.

Close-in Philadelphia suburb - Ardmore. Though my data hits the Internet in North Jersey.

First showed up as poorly behaved set top box. Wife spotted warning "cannot connect to the Internet." Power-cycled DVR.

Discovered my work VPN connection, which goes directly into one of the MI424w4 ports was down. Couldn't use personal laptop to connect to Internet. Even MI424wr was hard to reach consistently.

Resetting MI424w4 didn't help. I could see the "Internet" light go through the DHCP pattern, pause and repeat. If connection was established, it would vanish quickly and DHCP flash pattern would resume.

Castle Rock, CO
Everything OK here. Serviced out of the Bryn Mawr CO.


Wynnewood, PA
Good to hear you're OK.

Had two more down episodes after original post. This up period is 20 minutes and counting. TV signal going strong.

Primary wage-earning application needs to talk to its mother-ship in corp data center. When it loses the connection only allows 5 minutes o save everything. I've given up trying to work this evening.


Culver City, CA
Have you done an ONT and Router Reboot?
Reboot your ONT by pulling the battery and AC, wait 30-45sec, then replug AC then battery. They reboot router.


Wynnewood, PA
Good suggestion. Just power-cycled the ONT. It probably needed it, a long time since we've had a power outage long enough to drain the backup battery.


Havertown, PA
reply to nickfie
I was not online last night but I did notice that the FiOS app on my Blu-Ray player (watching a streamed live TV show) would lock up for as much as 15 - 20 seconds every minute or so. The image would freeze and then continue. I tried a few channels and they all had the same interruptions. That data comes over the internet.

Near midnight, the picture went dark for about 30 seconds and then came back on. After that, I didn't notice any hang-ups. I checked agan, this AM, and there were no issues.

I did not see the same problem when I checked the same programming on the STBs.

I'm in Havertown w/ a different CO from the OP.
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