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Tavistock NJ

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For CISPA - companies share security techniques

CISPA just allows companies and the government to share security techniques and info on hacking attacks against companies without getting sued by customers and shareholders because a hacker succeeded in getting company info. Without the law, companies won't admit successful hacking attacks for fear of being sued.

I suspect that those against this law(ambulance chasing law firms) are just opportunists looking to make money suing companies.


CISPA grants them immunity from lawsuits and has provided them with enough assurance that it will not affect their business in any significant way.

Senate - get off your butts and actually create a budget that has spending cuts 3x the amount of tax increases like you promised.


The bill doesn't exactly limit info shared to hacking attempts or techniques, they would legally be allowed to do that already. The thing is that the companies would be allowed to scan whatever you do/say, and report you to the federal government, regardless of whether or not they agreed not to. Basically this is an attempt at removing protection of anything that you want to keep private from the federal government. The federal government, however, sucks at making sure information is never leaked.