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East Amherst, NY
reply to SlowFITL

Re: Motorola

I had one samsung phone. It absolutely sucked. Wifi and radios were mediocre compared to my moto phones. I could get poor signal sitting 5 feet from the AP.

If you look the razr maxx and its offspring are awesome phones. If Google can get them to be "Nexus" phones they are going to sell. Problem is that only Verizon really pitches them, so they have to open to the other markets. motorola cameras are bottom of the barrel, not good for a consumer market. That needs fixing, ASAP.

Also, they are arguably the ugliest designs out there. If they pretty them up, give it google pureness, then they win. Battery life is amazing. Also I had a droid inc2 on PPC, this thing really chugs. When I sold it, I think it could have lasted another 5 years.

Motorola was also famous for messing up software (awesome hardware), that's what did them in and that is where GOOG can help (maybe). Updating was also horrid.

My general opinions (smartphones):

1. Apple - The bar. IOS is now dated. Small screens. Pure IOS across the board, nobody can beat that.
2. Motorola - The best hardware. Ugly as sin. Best battery life, radios stellar (in wifi, bluetooth). SHITTY camera. Software DOA.
3. HTC - Never met a battery I couldn't kill. Friendly to dev community, the best... Buy a double wide battery day1.
4. Samsung - Eye candy, inventive, sense will kill your battery too. Horrid radios (wifi, bluetooth, baseband). If you like pure google, stay away. Hostile bootloaders.
5. Sony - WTF, am I a walkman, camera, or a phone.
6. LG - Me too. Love the Nexus 4 tho, except for the battery. Solid in the mid-range.



Couple of mistakes,
HTC is no longer friendly to the dev community, they lock bootloaders now, only some can be unlocked. Sense is HTC, not samsung, and sense contributes to battery drain on HTC devices. great radios

Samsung is actually pretty good for hackers, they probably lock bootloaders the least of any manufacturer. Touchwiz isn't all that bad, it's better than sense. Radios vary, Samsung GSM radios tend to be better than CDMA, which usaully suck. For instance my AT&T SGS2 radio works great, galaxy nexus on verizon sucked.

Motorola has the best radios and battery life.