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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Santa Cruz, CA

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Re: Walkout basement doorway leaking

Check that box above the door, looks like they cut the tyvek for the opening but they didn't flash it, cant tell if its caulked.
Technically the wrap is a flashing and is up to code. Usually around here we use a self adhesive backed flashing tape around all openings and caulk to the flashing cause the wrap isn't waterproof.
To fix it right you would have to remove all the masonry around the door, and the box above the door and redo it.
Cha ching, it will cost a lot to do that. Lath, plaster, mason, carpenter and a painter. + demo and cleanup costs, construction zone for 1-2 months with porta potty.
If its not fixed now, the mold will grow and rot the wood. Caulking might fix it. Or not ...
Let them eat FIBER!

The Ozarks
manufactured stone embedded in mortar is mounted on wire /felt backing. The mortar around these light stone doesn't seem that thick. From an untrained perspective, seems to me while certainly a messy job and cleaning stone for reuse labor intensive.... it should NOT be a huge deal to cut out the necessary stones around target workspace above door. 1-2 months ought to be 1-2 days in my view and they can use my bathroom.