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Scarborough, ON
reply to elitefx

Re: [TV] Where to get a cheap digital converter TV box?

said by elitefx:

Noob here. Question: Why does Rogers say we need to rent one of their boxes (digital terminals) for Rogers DIGITAL cable if a new TV has a digital tuner? What's the need for a Rogers digital box??

Can you not just plug the coax cable (from the wall) directly into the back of the Digital Tuner enabled TV and receive all the digital channels in your selected Digital package??

Rogers does not and has not broadcast any channels in clear QAM for several years now. They used to have the music stations in clear QAM but I believe those have been migrated to SDV so you need a STB capable of two way communications to get those channels.


Markham, ON
I just tried this myself with with our 19" bathroom tv which is connected to a Rogers analog only cable in Markham.

I received 60 Analog channels, and 45 Digital channels. One digital channel is the Rogers News 6 pack -- the other 44 are audio only digital music channels.