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Newtown, PA
reply to Acct101

Re: Looking to switch to Comcast

Call, and tell them you are thinking about switching but aren't sure yet. FIOS has better (fill in the blank) but if the price was right... IOW, make them woirk for it. Don't take the first offer. Also, get a two year rate lock.

Quakertown, PA

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He is in Bucks County. In this county everything is a wash when comparing fios to xfinity. If you dont notice the guide you wont even know which your on. Well thats unless your watching the phillies in hd. Than you know your on xfinity.

Just call and mention you want to go back to comcast from verizon fios. Around here comcast has some pretty good fios win back promotions. Probably find you will be saving a lot of money in the process.

I know your in bucks to. But your in newtown or so your tag says. Levittown and newtown is two of the townships that required comcast to bury all them vaults instead of peds in areas prone to flooding. As such you suffer the consequences. Its just a very bad idea to use vaults where the ground floods.