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Rogers Mixed up Accounts

Notice to anyone dealing with Rogers mobile accounts!

I have two cell accounts (mine / wife) and a couple years ago i setup a pay-as-you-go for my dad. (at no time was this account in my name)(also different tel, and address), but I just found out Rogers now has my Dad as the Authority on MY accounts at rogers!!

Over the past couple years, i've made changes to my account, purhcased a new z10 in Feb, however, as soon as i called in to send back my z10 for repair/exchange, they told me i'm not the account holder! I've been with Rogers for many years with it all in my name from day 1. So now I need to get Dad to call in and request a transfer. I can only imagine how that call will go, or what the transfer charges will be from this error.

Frustrating... yet, i'd have no problem porting the number out to Bell/Telus I'm sure. (They have LTE in my area now anyways, so we'll see )


North York, ON
Hi Cable475, My name is Alicia and I work with the Rogers Social Media Team. I would like to see if I can help. I am going to contact you by DM.

New Hamburg, ON
haha, have fun with the Rogers troll. Theres a different one every day..lol


So far "RogersAlicia" was quite helpful and quick to respond, and after some PM, I'm confident the issue is resolved.

North York, ON
reply to Cable475
We had that problem ourselves.

Despite my husband not having any contact with his father since his 12th birthday, Rogers somehow managed to lock my husband out of his own Rogers account. The Rogers CSRs kept stating his father opened it for him (which was false), and that his father needed to approve any changes to the account.

Took a good 3 hours on the phone to get them to fix it. Very pathetic, and worrying due to privacy issues.

Unfortunately, they have systemic privacy issues like this.
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Someone managed to cancel my CGO co-founder's internet account, without being registered on the account. Luckily, he found out beforehand due to Rogers disabling the counter for those who cancel their accounts, so was able to get it resolved prior to it being cut. They did however, give him a total runaround in trying to find out WHY this happened.
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