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Lavalette, WV

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Existing Account New Line Questions

Hello All,

There wasn't enough space in the subject to ask the question directly, so I'll ask it here. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right forum.

Is it possible with Sprint to add a new line onto our existing family plan (Everything Data Share 3000) without incurring any plan changes (aside from the additional monthly charge of the new line of course)?

Of course, I assume this is a family plan and not a individual plan, because of the 'Share' in its name and the idea that my stepdad is definitly planning to move all of us (me, mom, and my sister) over to his Sprint account cause they're cheaper.

[ The Story - Beginning ]
I'm switching over from AT&T, because they can't provide better support because my phone is unlocked (e.g. not made by for them specifically and therefore not carrier-controlled).

The problems I'm having pertain towards frequently switching of network type (e.g 3G, HSPA+) all the time, which creates tons of latency and disconnects due to timeouts. On a good day latency with AT&T is 150-200ms and on any other day it's from 200-350+ms, which is crazy compared my testing with my stepdad's Sprint phone (100-110ms _all_ the time).
[ The Story - End ]

Basically, what I'd like to do is purchase the same type of phone I've got right now (e.g. right now I've got a GSM Galaxy Nexus, and I'd like to buy a Sprint version of the same).

What I don't know is, will they sell it to me without having to pay full price?

I know it's an older phone, but I see no reason to having to get a newer model Android phone if the current device meets my needs (it does, perfectly).
Of course, Sprint requires different radio hardware, but I know they sell a Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Do they still carry them in-store? How can I find that out, since only the newest Android phones are listed on Sprint's website.

I'm really worried that, provided I am able to get this specific phone model (Sprint Galaxy Nexus), the current phone plan (Everything Data Share 3000) will be gone and replaced with some other more expensive plan or one without unlimited data (if such plan exists).

Also, I'm worried about, once again, having to pay full price for a phone. I already did that with this GSM Galaxy Nexus (had to, really, to keep my plan), and I don't think I'll be able to sell this thing with all the newer device models out since this phone was released.
I found Sprint Galaxy Nexii online for $40 plus a new 2yr contract, but once again we get back to me not wanting to disrupt the current phone plan on the family account.

What do you think I can do?

Lavalette, WV
I'd like to request this being moved to the Cellphones, Providers, and Plans forum, please, thank you.

Also, I went to the Sprint store yesterday, turns out there's some sort of litigation with Apple that made Sprint drop the Galaxy Nexus (although A) the Galaxy Nexus *is* an old device, and B) it sounds more like an excuse to me).

Will Sprint activate phones bought online (like, say, Amazon)?

I would prefer my device being the same as my current GSM phone (e.g. go from GSM Galaxy Nexus on AT&T to Sprint Galaxy Nexus on Sprint), because all other Android devices come with 'security' features that help to prevent rooting and running custom ROMs.

I prefer to run custom ROMs on my phones because I got annoyed by the constant Google update popup.
I couldn't update Android without loosing root access and I was happy with the version I was running, but the update popup came up like every 5 minutes - it was very annoying.

I do not buy the latest and greatest, because frequently in a year or two the phone is outdated and unsupported as the company's moved on to the next flagship phone.
I buy for tech specs, failing that I go for the stable version of whatever version OS comes with the device.

Once, on new a Windows laptop choice, I went for functionality over appearance - of course the sales rep probably wanted to sell me on how pretty the device was and how great W8 is, but I did not go for the sale.
I'd wanted W7 and I was willing to get an older laptop if need be, which is exactly what I did (of course, I'm not the person to say 'Wow!' or 'Whoa, that's amazing.' - I only went 'Hmm.' and simply inwardly considered my options).


Kansas City, MO
said by XANAVirus:

Will Sprint activate phones bought online (like, say, Amazon)?

As long as the phone is branded Sprint, and the ESN/MEID is clean and clear they will. If you find one on ebay just request the ESN/MEID from the seller before you buy, then call sprint and have them check the ESN/MEID to make sure its clear and clear. If the seller wont give you the ESN/MEID then it's most likely a bad ESN/MEID.

By clean and clear I mean make sure it is not on another account and make sure it hasn't been reported lost or stolen.

North, VA

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reply to XANAVirus
said by XANAVirus:

I'd like to request this being moved to the Cellphones, Providers, and Plans forum, please, thank you.

That is the proper forum for this issue. You have a much better chance to get your questions answered. This one is for Sprint Broadband.

Requiescat in pace
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Hoboken, NJ

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