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See You On The Dark Side
Louisa, VA

Avast Refuses To Install On Fresh Install Of XP sp3

I have built a pc for a close friend to have and learn on. It isnt much, only a 1gig processor.
I installed XP Pro Corporate on it.

This person wont do much on it but search news, probably a video here and there...etc.

I want her to have a safe experience on the internet so I installed firefox with ABP and ghostery, and noscript hoping it would help a bit.

But when I went to install the free version on Avast, it wont install to save my life.
I keep getting an error 1006 (I believe that was the number).

I have done all the internet searches have suggested on this error.
No go on all of them.

I still have one machine of my own that has XP sp3 on it, and Avast does fine on it.

Any suggestions on what I can try next?

I have uninstalled (with their removal tool) several times, and done everything I have run into on internet searches pertaining to this problem.

It is by the way the latest release of Avast I am trying to install.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Cleveland, OH

Do you have ZoneAlarm firewall on the computer? If so, remove Zonealarm and then install Avast!, after that , install Zonealarm

If the computer becomes sluggish or freezes remove Avast! and use AVG Anti-virus.

For some reason I found that at times Avast! and Zonealarm wont play well together.

This started happening about a year ago after one of Avast! upgrades. I dont know what it was but sometimes they will work together and then other times they wont

Hope that this helps.
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If the computer becomes sluggish or freezes remove Avast! and use AVG Anti-virus
NO...........don't ever install that POC AVG.

Did you try installing in safe-mode?
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What to Do If Avast Antivirus Won't Install?
What to Do If Avast Antivirus Won't Install?

Avast! Home edition from Alwil is a free antivirus protection for Windows, Linux, Mac and PDA. The setup of Avast comes with an uninstaller and repair utility that should help in fixing installations problem.

The install process of Avast! is straight-forward, but if you have a problem installing the program in Windows PC, try the possible solutions below and only use Avast removal tool as last resort of action.

Avast Antivirus Won't Install At All
If you just downloaded the setup file of Avast from their website or an alternative download server such as CNET.com or Filehippo.com, but you received a message that the file is not a valid win32 application, when installing Avast. Do not panic but solve it by moving the setup file to another location in your hard-drive. An example would be: open "My Documents" folder > create a new folder and name it as Avast Installer. Move the setup file of Avast in the Avast Installer folder that you just created. Proceed to install Avast by opening the setup file from the folder.

If Avast still won't install, make sure that there's no other antivirus program installed on your computer. If you have one already, do not install Avast because it's not recommended to use more than one antivirus program. If you prefer to use Avast as antivirus protection, you must remove existing antivirus software from other vendors before trying to install Avast.
Avast Error 1006 (000003EE) Corrupt File
When the installer of Avast provides the error 1006 (000003EE) message, it means the download is corrupted. If you tried downloading the installer again and you continue to receive the same error code, the possible solution is to try downloading the setup file from other alternative download server or get it directly from Avast servers:

•Download Avast Free from CNET.com Download
•Get if from Filehippo.com
•Download it directly from the Avast website
If error code 1006 still occurs, temporarily disable the firewall protection as that could be causing the corrupted download. ActiveArmor Firewall by NVIDA is known to have issues when downloading Avast installer and the suggestion of Avast support is to remove the NVIDIA firewall. If you are not using a NVIDIA firewall, or you've tried disabling the firewall program but error 1006 is still happening when installing Avast, use another computer to download Avast. Store the installer in a USB or flash drive and then transfer it to the PC where you want Avast antivirus protection.

Another method to solve this problem is to verify your Internet connection setting in the Internet Options Windows is correct. Uncheck "use a proxy server" for the LAN settings. Also, ensure that the computer is clean from malware that may be preventing the download of the Avast installer to complete. Scan the computer using on-demand scanner such as Ad-Aware, Emsisoft, MBAM, SUPERAntiSpyware, Spybot-S&D or Windows Defender, or simply run an online virus scan.

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Going by jaykaykay See Profile's post, did you allow the download site in the whitelist of noscript, or all ow all for the session?
I would look at turning off browser protection for the down load.

Or my other trick, find the exact link via your protected browser, and then copy/paste to IE for the download.
I don't do it all the time, but sometimes it answers if the installer is being affected as possibly in this scenario, by using multiple browsers for the test.
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Randallstown, MD
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> error 1006 (I believe that was the number)

Numbers, correct numbers, messages are important.

> Did you try installing in safe-mode?

Depending on the installer used, you may not be able to install (or remove) from Safe Mode.

> Avast Error 1006 (000003EE) Corrupt File

That would seem like an easy one to fix .
100 MB it seems. Perhaps a download manager could help if your browser alone is failing.

See You On The Dark Side
Louisa, VA
reply to Robotics

Thank you everyone for the great responses and suggestions. That is one thing I did notice is that on CNET where I was directed to download it from Avast site, the file was something like 111mb but every time I tried to download it, it would only be 109mb.
Then I found you can get it directly off Avast's site...but the same 109mb and not 111.

It is a fresh install of XP, and so far no malware, and I did check that.

I also don't have any type of firewall other than what windows offers.

But the good news is, and its quite weird if you ask me...my better half (while I was at work) gave it a try today and she had no problem! And used the same exe I had left on the desktop from two days ago. (109mb not 111mb as the sites stated)
Wish I knew why it worked for her, when after a few days of trying I gave up and came here. But she said all she did was click the exe I had been trying in the past and it worked. Go figure.

You all provided some great suggestions, and I thank you all for it.
More good info for me to store in my brain.

Thanks again.
Long you live and high you fly, and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry,
and all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.