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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to ctggzg

Re: Insurance fraud please help

said by ctggzg:

That's ridiculous. Most accidents don't require the police. Nor should people leave their cars in the middle of the street as if they're preserving evidence or something. The first thing you do after an accident is move your cars somewhere safe and away from traffic.

If the other person is at fault, then you fight to keep the cars there so a cop can come and see the layout and write the person a ticket or write on the ticket who he saw was at fault or if the person admits it is their fault.

Now if the accident is your fault, then of course you will gladly move your car to a safe spot and deny everything and you would rather the cops not show up.


I can say that here in Florida if you can drive your car you have to move off the road or you WILL get a ticket, as for using 911 I called after my last accident and no one gave me any fuss over it they sent a State Trooper out who took down all the information and in Florida if you are at fault for an accident you have to be cited so the at fault driver received a citation and my car was towed and never heard from again (totalled).